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Where is it

With majestic panoramas, captivating villages and dramatic ceremonies, Tana Toraja is the undisputed highlight of any journey to Sulawesi. Since the opening of several star rated hotels, the Toraja highlands and unique way of life have become easily accessible to visitors. A few minutes from Rantepao,the village of Kete Kusu has been converted into a living museum, displaying Torajan architecture and daily life. For the more adventurous, on treks ranging from an easy day to a strenuous week, visitors can experience authentic Torajan village life in charming mountain hamlets. The Torajan region is famous for the rites accompanying death. For the Torajans, the dead are as much a part of society as the living. The deceased are laid to rest in cliff side stone crypts or caves guarded by wooden tau-tau effigies. To conduct their souls safely into the next world, elaborate funeral ceremonies are held. Guests are welcomed and witnessing the Torajan funerary spectacle is the high point of many a tourist's trip.

How to get there

Most people who visit Toraja  fly into Sulawesi from Bali, Jakarta or Singapore.

BY AIR : There are two flights / week from and to Makasar which is on every Monday and Thursday. The flight leaves Makasar at 10.30am and arrive in Toraja at 11.30am and return at 12.30am with arrival time in Makasar at 13.30pm. For reservation, please contact DAS (Dirgantara Air Service) at telephone no.(062) 411-553 159 / 550 123 ext. 297 or fax to (062) 411-553 159.

BY SEA: There are regularly scheduled ferries across all of Sulawesi's bays and gulfs and to all major offshore islands. Comfort levels vary widely, depending on the relative prosperity and population of the destination. For trips  of longer than a few hours, it is highly advisable to bring your own food and water.

OVERLAND:  South Sulawesi is well served by a dense network of fast comfortable buses traveling on good  roads. In most cases the interesting scenery and glimpses of daily life are well worth the extra time and effort involved in overland travel. Rental cars and mini-vans and inter-city group taxis are widely available in Ujung Pandang. Four wheel drive vehicles, with or without a driver, are easily available in Tana Toraja. Land transport presents little problem in Manado, but over landing through most parts of Central and Southeast Sulawesi in only for the stout of heart.

Places of interest

This place is considered as the heart of Tana Toraja. Visit the colorful Torajan Market "Pasar Bolu".

Ke'te Kesu'
Traditional Torajan Houses and several rice barns. Behind the village you can see very old wooden coffinss and some effigies. Today this village is well known as a handicraft center. 

Londa is a natural grave stone site, there you can see some ancient bones, hanging coffins, some statues "Tau Tau" and one can also enter the cave.

Batutumonga & Lokomata
From this mountain you have an extraordinary panorama. One can visit the stone grave of Lokomata, the coffee plantation and enjoy walk through villages.

Sa'dan To' Barana'
It's a traditional plait center, located in the district of Sesean. It has been known for a long time as an area of traditional weaving "Ikat" in Toraja.

It's located on the top the hills so you can enjoy the view of the rice fields and visit the traditional coffee plantation

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